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    Two Fish Bring in $60,000+ at Jilin Province Auction


    by NTDTelevision

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    And in lighter news... fishing in northeast China's Chagan Lake in Jilin Province has long been home of some of the Mainland's most prized fish for centuries. And that tradition remains alive today... with people paying tens of thousands of dollars for prized catches from the lake.

    A fish weighing nearly 43 pounds set a record-high price of $47,550 at an auction in northeast China's Jilin Province. The second biggest fish sold for $20,450, at the annual winter fishing festival that opened Thursday.

    More than 30 people bid at the auction.

    The winter fishing season will last until the eve of the incoming Chinese Spring Festival, which is January 22nd.

    The money raised from the auction will be used to protect the ecosystem of Chagan Lake and its surrounding areas.

    The heaviest fish caught in the first day brings luck and auspiciousness in local culture. In ancient times, Chinese emperors treated their guests from far away with these massive fish. Back in 2010, a 42 pound first fish sold for just under $46,000.

    Chagan Lake is the largest inland lake in Jilin Province. The high water quality and well-protected environment has made the lake a haven for fish and shrimps.

    People here have made a living fishing in Chagan Lake for thousands of years, especially during the long, severe winters. When food supplies run short during the extremely cold period, fish becomes the main means of sustenance. The large quantity of fish in the lake feeds residents, and also provides them with money to cover their living expenses.