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    Out Of Sight (21 - 22 Jan, 2011.) Ustadh Yahya Ibrahim [Alkauthar Bradford]


    by alkauthar_bradford

    People of Bradford you're in for a course which is out of this world!! This course was held in Manchester last Summer, it was very uplifting and beneficial on many levels. Don't just take our word for it. Check out what our attendees feedback:

    'JazakAllah khair, my life is now in perspective! :-)'

    'I enjoyed the depth of knowledge, focus on self improvement and the gems of wisdom imparted by the sheikh.'

    'I found the topic and instructor very inspiring and captivating.'

    'Been to many AlKauthar courses but this one was definitely one of the best.'

    More feedback to read here

    DON'T BE THE ONE TO MISS OUT ON THE 21st & 22nd Jan 2011, in Bradford.

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