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    Causes Of Panic Attacks


    by caroldavies1984


    If you don't know how to deal with panic attacks effectively, they can completely derail your life. In the next two minutes I’m going to reveal to you the causes of panic attacks and how to cure it.

    They have got it all wrong: people who experience panic attacks tend to think of themselves as going crazy. Most people think that panic attacks are signs of a more serious mental illness, most especially the genetic disorder, schizophrenia.

    But here is a fact: the truth is that schizophrenia usually develops very gradually, in contrast with panic attacks which are sudden. Schizophrenics, however are known to experience panic attacks, but it does not follow that if you regularly experience panic attacks you are also schizophrenic.

    Here is a secret: find out your triggers. Make a note of when you have or have had your attacks. Note where you had them, who was around, what had happened just before your panic attack