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    Dealing With Panic Disorder


    by caroldavies1984


    Although the causes of anxiety and panic attack disorders are purely mental, the symptoms are very physical. In the next two minutes I’m going to reveal to you the ways on how to deal with a panic attack.

    They have got it all wrong: some people think that panic attack happens to handful of people.

    But here is a fact: a staggering 40 million Americans are affected by panic disorders each year.

    Here is a secret: remember to take in some air. Never forget that you are still alive and you need air. So when an attack is setting in, do an invisible counting in your head and slowly take careful breaths to help you calm down. It will also help if you lee away from the source of the attack.

    Here is another secret: since panic attacks can happen virtually everywhere, learn to identify the signs and what factors can trigger it. Instead of getting engulfed into the attack, maintain your composure and take hold of your system.