Old Toys for the New Year Seen at the "Flea Market"


by NTDTelevision

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A traditional fair "Flea Market" in Moscow is opened for the 23rd time. This time it is on both Christmas and New Year's Eve. Our correspondents heard stories of these old festive things.

For residents of Moscow, new stories about old things abound at the 23rd Flea Market Fair in Moscow.

Russian and European collectors have brought Christmas goods here, among other antiques.

The author of the project presented her own collection of vintage brooches in the form of Christmas trees.

Today a spruce is a welcome guest at the New Year holiday.

Officially the first Christmas tree was seen in Moscow only in 1936.

The Russian version of Santa Claus, Ded Moroz appeared there.

Before another winter character Jack Frost was known in Russia, and his figure was on greeting cards at the beginning of the 20th century.

People started to celebrate the New Year everywhere in the 1960s.

They decorated the Christmas tree and hurried to make festive costumes and masks like this made of papier-mache.

[Participant in Exhibition]:
"Every year there were the same masks and children were familiar with them, because they come from generation to another generation."

In addition to the vintage, there is also the newest invention, a Xenia 3D-kaleidoscope (montage).

Visitors can see toys made of paper, glass, wool, plastic fantastic characters, festive lights and other New Year's retro stuff here.