Paul Whiteman's Orchestra - Rosie, 1920

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Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra: Rosie - Medley Fox-Trot (Introducing "Tired of Me") (Merkur - Donaldson), Victor 1920 (USA; accoustic)

3 komentarze

Grzegorz, you undigged another amazing and beautiful acoustical. I'm loving the sparkling arrangement and the cheerful, witty tune :-) Happy New Year you and those dear to you as well as to all your viewers!
Przez kspm0220s 3 lata temu
Jack, I just love these old accoustic recorgings of Whiteman's orchestra! Perhaps, they were sometimes not so "hot" like some others but look, what refinement! arrangements! what instrumentation! A true master.
Happy New Year to you and to all the Viewers in this channel!
Przez grzegorz240252 3 lata temu
Nice early Whiteman. He was one of the best.
Przez Boston Blackie 3 lata temu