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    Paul Whiteman's Orchestra - Rosie, 1920


    przez grzegorz240252

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    Grzegorz, you undigged another amazing and beautiful acoustical. I'm loving the sparkling arrangement and the cheerful, witty tune :-) Happy New Year you and those dear to you as well as to all your viewers!
    Przez kspm0220s4 lata temu
    Jack, I just love these old accoustic recorgings of Whiteman's orchestra! Perhaps, they were sometimes not so "hot" like some others but look, what refinement! arrangements! what instrumentation! A true master.
    Happy New Year to you and to all the Viewers in this channel!
    Przez grzegorz2402524 lata temu
    Boston Blackie
    Nice early Whiteman. He was one of the best.
    Przez Boston Blackie4 lata temu