Downhill extreme: Rollerman overtaking motocycle!

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Extreme sports at its best: amazing "Rollerman" Jean Yves Blondeau (me) blasting high speed on mountain roads!

This is a mix of the best pictures made by (my friend) Danny Strasser about the rollerman(me). I have been waiting to see some of this footage more than 4 years. Finnally Danny got a new computer that supports HD format. So he could run throw his collection of tape of me and edit a small overview of his collection potential . if you like it you can buy the footage to danny strasser or book jean yves for film as consultant for story writer, costume design, directior, stunt and show.

- If you want to know if and how Jean Yves can slow down: Please take a look at 1:16, there you can clearly see that he is just sliding

- The song on this video was made by commercial & film music composer Michael Beckmann. Because it was never intended to be published in the charts you will probably not find it anywhere in the internet... and sorry, I cannot hand it out. Just enjoy it on this video! ;-)

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