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    Do I Have Anxiety?


    by caroldavis2011

    Anxiety is a debilitating experience that can leave you feeling alone and helpless. In the next two minutes I’m going to reveal to you the best way to eliminate your anxiety attacks.
    They have got it all wrong: people think that panic attacks only happen to a few people and that it is untreatable.
    But here is a fact: anxiety is a very treatable disorder especially if you act now
    Here is a secret: try Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. It helps a patient change patterns or behaviors related to his fears. The intensity of the anxiety symptoms can eventually diminish and even disappear. As the exposure to the object or situation he most fears increases during CBT anxiety treatment, the patient learns to feel more comfortable and begins to take more control of his responses.
    Here is another secret: consistent exercise helps to naturally release endorphins.