LG Factory Workers Strike in Nanjing, China

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A video has been posted on the Internet showing workers at an LG technology factory striking and protesting low bonuses in Nanjing, China. The Korean technology company has neither confirmed nor denied the incident.

In Nanjing, workers at a factory for the Korean technology company LG went on strike on Monday. Mobile phone footage posted on the Internet shows hundreds of workers protesting in the cafeteria and then tipping over a Christmas tree outside the factory.

According to netizens' reports, while the company gave Korean workers an end of the year bonus worth six month's pay, they gave Chinese workers a bonus of only one month's pay. The reports say that after the first strike, about 8000 workers at five LG factories stopped work and demanded a bigger bonus. Officials from the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, where the factory is located, were later dispatched to deal with the protest.

NTD tried to confirm these reports with the LG factory, but we just got a vague response.

LG Employee: "I am not too clear about the situation here."

NTD Reporter: "Are you happy with the bonus? Because of the Korean employees you have..."

LG Employee: "I definitely cannot answer what you are asking. Whatever the situation, if the company announces something then okay, but otherwise I cannot discuss anything."

NTD Reporter: "Did you go to work today?"

LG Employee: "I really cannot talk about it."

LG is the second largest Korean conglomerate after Samsung. The company is the world's second largest manufacturer of TV sets and third largest manufacturer of mobile phones. The Nanjing factory belongs to LG Display, a subsidiary that also has production facilities in Guangzhou and Yantai.