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    Japanese android actress Geminoid F appears on stage alongside human in play


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    Tokyo (Japan), November 15, 2010 (CERES TV News) -- Geminoid F - a robot designed to look and act like a human - played alongside a human actress, American Bryerly Long. in a play directed by Japanese director Oriza Hirata. A ROBOTIC PERFORMANCE 'It won't be that a robot replaces human beings on a drama stage, it's more as if a new type of actor has emerged in the theatrical world,' said Hirata, who had already put on two plays featuring ordinary, non-android robots. © 2010 CERES TV News [more info at]: [e-mail]: For further information: Teléf.+34 983 457460 • Fax: +34 983 233387 Valladolid - (Spain)