A Visit to a 1 Euro Store | Made in Germany

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Every item for 1 euro - there’s no overlooking the slogan of this"Euroshop"store. Each washing-up brush, china plate, roll of tape or bottle of nail polish costs exactly 100 euro cents. But how much is a euro really worth - in stores and in people's minds? Made in Germany decided to find out.For many, 1-euro shops are synonymous with junk. But the Euroshop company hopes to dispel this image. Its stores are well-kept and can be found on ritzy shopping streets—like the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. Euroshop already has 170 stores and regularly opens new ones. Germans seem to like the concept, but how does a 1-euro store generate a turnover of over 100 million euros? What do customers get for a euro and is it worth the money? How many euros do the store's employees earn? Is the euro now a junk currency? Claudia Laszczak went on site to find out.

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