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    Chinese Authorities Drive out HK Reporters during Haimen Protests


    by NTDTelevision

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    The Hong Kong Journalists Association has expressed concern for residents in a coastal town of Haimen in southern Guangdong province, after reports that authorities are removing foreign journalists from the area. Chinese authorities say order has been restored after locals protested for days last week against a planned coal power plant.

    The Hong Kong Journalists Association criticized the Chinese regime for suppressing press freedom, after authorities from the coastal town of Haimen in Guangdong Province drove out journalists reporting on recent protests there.

    The demonstrations ended on Friday, after authorities promised to release detained protestors, Chinese state-run media reported. Since then, Hong Kong media reported authorities have been detaining and driving out journalists from the area. Chairwoman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, Mak Yin-ting, says such actions are against the law.

    [Mak Yin-ting, Chairwoman of Hong Kong Journalists Association]:
    "Authorities are suppressing press freedom and the freedom of speech, and this violates the constitution. How can the regime talk about the rule of law, human rights or freedom?"

    Mak says she's also worried that authorities will continue the crackdown, while claiming the protest has been resolved.


    Haimen residents protested for four days last week against the planned construction of a coal power plant. They say an existing one caused a rise in cancer patients, and has heavily polluted the sea, hurting the fishing industry. Authorities dispersed the crowd with teargas and detained five people for alleged vandalism.

    On Sunday, hundreds of villagers gathered at the local government building again, demanding authorities release all those who were detained during the protest.