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    Brett Paton/CafeFX - Iron Man (2005) (All Rights Reserved) (Marvel Studios, For Your Consideration - Iron Man 3)


    by IrOnMaNSM

    Not long ago, I discovered a fascinating piece of work of a quite talented animator - Brett Paton. Back in 2004, he and his team - CafeFX (digital visual effects company) decided to participate in the development of Marvel Studios movie - Iron Man.

    Sadly, it didn't turn out, the way team wanted, but still they were able to provide additional visual effects for Jon Favreau's Iron Man. Marvel Studios (since they're currently developing Iron Man 3) should take a look at this piece of mr. Paton and his team.

    I've added Hans Zimmer's - Mombasa track from the Inception soundtrack (Warner Bros) to give this scene somewhat exciting & fantastic feeling. You can find more information on the development of the project here: (stage by stage process, including storyboards & more) =

    * All Rights Reserved, Brett Paton, CafeFX, Iron Man, Marvel Entertainment, Hans Zimmer, Warner Bros