10 Bizarre Traffic Laws Across the US

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by Geo Beats

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10 Bizarre Traffic Laws Across the US - as part of the travel series by GeoBeats.

10 - in San Francisco, it is unlawful to wipe your car with used underwear.

9 - In New Jersey, it is illegal for you to pump your own gas.

8 - In Massachusetts, taxi drivers must not make love in front seats of their cars.

7 - You cannot drive your black car on Sundays in Denver, Colorado.

6 - In Alabama, you cannot drive barefoot.

5 - In Arcadia, California, you must give right of way to peacocks on roads and driveways.

4 - Women can't drive a car in Louisiana unless the husband is waving a flag in front of it.

3 - In Tennessee, it is illegal to drive while asleep.

2 - In San Francisco, your elephant must be on a leash on streets.

1 - It is illegal to run out of gas while driving in Youngstown, Ohio.