Grauzone "Eisbär" (Jesús Vögel Remix)

Jesús Vögel

von Jesús Vögel

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This is a music video by Stefan Mazurek. The soundtrack artist is Grauzone's Eisbar cover (which means Ice Bear in German) remixed by Jesús Vögel.

This video stars the cool Wall Street worker Mr. Myers, Winston Gilcrease, Marina Aris, and Alan Aine as the Ice Bear. Let's not forgot Yvonne Arnold.

The band is most famous for their 1981 hit "Eisbär" ("Polar Bear"), which was later covered by the French band Nouvelle Vague. The single went to #12 in Germany and #6 in Austria. Another track that was played a lot in dance clubs in the eighties was the instrumental Film 2.

'Eisbar' Free Download: https://soundcloud.com/jesusvogel

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