Del From Hell Studios - It's A Long Way Up

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Del From Hell Studios Presents
Del From Hell Studios - It's A Long Way Up

It all started at the end of December 2007,
a Friday The 13th fan film trailer which eventually
led to the release of the film in May 2008.
A film dedicated to the memory of my father,
it was the beginning to a path to make him proud.
You will see the journey I've gone through as an amateur filmmaker.
It actually started in highschool but You Tube videos for me were Dec 2007. :)
I hope you enjoy this collaboration of all my You Tube videos.
Along with a Barry Manilow song that pretty much says it all.
"It's a long way up, when you're coming from nowhere."
I want to thank everyone that has made these videos possible.

Thank you also for watching.
My gift to all of you on this Christmas 2011.
I can't wait to see what 2012 brings.
Happy New Year and we will see you next year!!