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    Orzechowski: Polish Author & Activist on the Hunt for Inspiration & Injustice


    by NTDTelevision

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    And now we bring you the story of a Polish journalist, author and human rights activist, who goes from war zones to refugee camps in search of inspiration and injustice. Our correspondents bring you the full story.

    Michal Orzechowski, a Polish journalist, writer and human rights activist for the NGO World Solidarity, has a penchant for finding interesting stories in unlikely places.

    The author of a book called "Free Tibet, Free China" Michal says that for the best stories, you need to be ready to step out of the comfort zone of your domestic back yard.

    In 2008, his human rights work took him to Georgia. The ex-Soviet country was then reeling from a shock Russian military invasion.

    [Michal Orzechowski, Author & Activist]:
    "I came to Georgia because of the war. When Russia attacked on the 8th of April 2008, it was the same day the Beijing Olympics started. And I was shocked by the Russian brutality. They destroyed private houses, they even stole toilets from bathrooms, and they were kidnapping people at night."

    A few years later, Michal met the Dalai Lama while the Tibetan leader-in-exile was on a state visit to Poland, and a new adventure was in the works.

    [Michal Orzechowski, Author & Activist]:
    "Just after coming from Georgia and making humanitarian help in Georgia and also making a report for the European Parliament, I met His Holiness Dalai Lama in the Polish Parliament. And I asked him if maybe it's a good idea to go to Tibetan camps in India and to make a report on how Tibetans are living in refugee camps in India and he said you're very much welcome, please come. That's why I went to India."

    But while documenting the Tibetan refugee camps in and around Daram Sala, India, Michal ran across an unusual and, to him, a fascinating story...