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    Hannukah Holiday Celebrations in Jerusalem


    by NTDTelevision

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    In Israel, the holiday of Hannukah is now being celebrated, which includes a special candle lighting ceremony and ... a lot of donut eating. Our correspondent brings us the story.

    The holiday of Hannukah has arrived.

    Walking through the streets of Jerusalem, in the evening, square glass containers can be seen illuminating the entrances to houses and buildings.

    The glass case protects the candles from blowing out.

    The candle light symbolizes a miracle that is believed to have happened in the Second Century BC.

    The story begins when the Jews rebelled and defeated the Greeks who ruled the land of Israel.

    [Josh Hexter, Celebrates Hannukah]:
    "After that victory they entered into the Temple here in Jerusalem and found that everything was defiled within the temple. And one of the things they do on a daily basis is to light the Menorah in the Temple. The oil was all defiled. They found one small jug of oil that was not defiled. And while it takes eight days to make new oil, meaning that they don't have one day's worth of light, the oil miraculously lasted for eight days."

    The candle-lighting ceremony is performed during eight days of the holiday.

    Each day the number of candles lit grows by one. On the 8th day all candles are lit.

    The nine-candle holder is called a Hannukiah. It comes in many shapes and sizes.

    In Jerusalem's Ben Yehuda market a wide variety is on display.

    One merchant says this year sales are down by about 40%.

    [Rami Yahshar, Sells Hanukkiot - Candle Holders]:
    "There is a decline in the sales of Hanukkiot (pron: hanookiot). In past years people used to buy more. Today people buy less. There are many shops and much more competition. I used to sell about 10 a day but now I sell only about six."

    Another custom in Hannukah is doughnut eating...