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STORY: DPRK IN MOURNINGDATELINE: Dec. 21, 2011LENGTH: 0:01:20LOCATION: PyongyangPKGINTROThe Democratic People's Republic of Korea continues to mourn the death of its top leader, Kim Jong Il.Kim died from a great mental and physical strain while he was traveling on a train during a field guidance tour on Saturday.He was 69.PKGThe DPRK's official media on Tuesday released this picture showing the body of the deceased leader Kim Jong Il lying in the bier at the Kumsusan Memorial in Pyongyang.His son Kim Jong Un and other senior party, government and army officials In central Pyongyang, many people gathered in front of the statues of his father Kim Il Sung at Mansu Hill and Kim Il Sung University to remember their late leader.People are seen wailing and weeping in open places.The official KCNA news agency says Kim's death was the biggest loss of the Workers' Party of Korea and the country's revolution.It says the DPRK people would turn their sorrow into strength and courage and remain loya
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Producer : Xinhua News Agency