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    ZTAS Episode Numbers 2: Sing It! Mr.AmnesXia Man!


    by ZealtheDeal

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    ZTAS Episode Numbers 2: Sing It! Mr. AmneXsia Man!

    Wow, you guys had to wait long XD! Sorry bout that! Anywho we have for you
    A Christmas gift ,in episode form 8D! Hope you guys enjoy it!I wrote this ep.
    in 2-3 days at 1am and I was sugar high and sleep deprived!
    Talk about middle School Musical...meh The Glee Project coulda done it better #TEAMDAMERON
    lol jk Happy Holidays and Merry New Year everyone!

    Song Download:

    THIS IS FAN MADE! I am not affiliated with the company that makes, and produces this series. All of the credit goes to the proper places,and people. All music used belongs to the artist or the recording company.

    Because they will always be the more awesomest of awesome people in the world! ^_^