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    Personal Injury Case Calculator


    by msaile

    8 views What is your Pennsylvania personal injury case worth? This is a common question for many injured car accident victims. We are often asked, “Is there a calculator to determine the value of my injuries?” The short answer is NO. There is no magic calculator to determine the value of your Pennsylvania personal injury settlement.

    The best way to determine how much you deserve is to consult with an experienced and local personal injury lawyer. Determining the value of your case involves many different factors including the venue of the local court in the county where you were injured, similar past jury verdicts and settlements, the severity and permanency of your injuries, and many other factors.

    The Bucks County personal injury lawyers at Saile & Saile LLP are experienced in PA and NJ accident law and have the experience and know how to properly value your case. Contact us for a FREE injury case evaluation and download a FREE copy of our Pennsylvania Auto Accident Book at You can also find more personal injury information at, or