NUX first impulse part-18

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This video only shows the external part of our greatest project - 3d enviro "NVX". In fact, when we started it, we didn't even think of something more. But during the process of creation so many quiestions came up, that today it became a search of indentity for us. In the beginning we used to try how all goes, and of course, started to think about what we actually wanted to do. After, the look of this enviro largely depends on what we want it to be. Gradually we used to do something, tried again, and started to think what else can we invent, what can we expect of progress of such 3d environments, etc.

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And we learned a lot of things which became a great surprise for us. Firstly, we understood that it won't go without an artificial inteligence. This immediately caused a lot of questions and thoughts like: "won't we have more pleasure to converse with AI person than with real one?" And another thunderclap for us was that there's just a little time needed for technologies to approach our so called reality to virtuality. Different replicators or, for example, desktop mini-factories which will produce anything, from Hi-Tech to usual food. Not so much raw or technology, as an algorhytms will be their basis. It's very resemblant with virtuality, isn't it? We realized that we have to go on. At the moment we try to not get too deep, even not to think about what comes up of Hi-Tech, which multiplies by itself:) I any case, there are more questions than answers now. We want to understand how to build our life in better way. Understand what we want, how we imagine an ideal result and what of the
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