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    War Of The Immortals Hack 2011/12 Cheats Download


    przez watchanddownload

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    War Of The Immortals Hack 2011 Cheats
    Download only from :

    1.This hack allows you to be completely invincible during gameplay on War of the Immortals. Destroy any mob you like without a problem, or enemy!
    press [F1]
    2.This cheat will automatically pick up items left whenever you kill a mob or boss.
    press [F2]
    3.The speed hack helps with fighting, smuggling, botting, looting, and everything. You will be atleast 10x faster than the normal speed rate. Defeat anything!
    press [F3]
    Exp Hack [F5], Enchant Hack [F6], ZEN Hack(!)[F8].

    War of the Immortals is a free-to-play action MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment.

    IF all works, "like it" ;)
    If no, PM me.