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    Marijuana Man


    by yogaboy1

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    About the music.....
    I recorded the songs for this movie in a garage about 35 years ago. My job was the soundman for the Reggae band "Airhead". One album and two cassette tapes were eventually produced before the band broke up. Only 500 copies of the album were pressed, but they surface in old record shops from time to time. It was titled "How Big I Heart" (1981). The cassettes are called "Airhead" (no date but about 1983) and "Sail Away" (1985).
    By the_darv3 years ago
    This video is awesome! Do you have any more info about it? I love the music to this short film but I can't find it anywhere? Do you happen to know where I could find this band or their songs? That would be amazing if you did... I couldn't some up cannabis in a better way than these songs!
    By murilogq5 years ago