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    Chinese Communist Authorities Denounce Batman Star


    by NTDTelevision

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    Batman star Christian Bale made a stir last week when he attempted to visit a persecuted Chinese human rights lawyer. Now, China's Communist regime has publicly denounced Bale for daring to attempt the visit.

    Chinese authorities publicly denounced "Batman" star Christian Bale on Wednesday for "creating news"--after Bale was roughed up by the regime's security guards. That happened when Bale attempted to visit blind Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng, whose house arrest has sparked an outcry in China and internationally.

    According to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin, Bale was welcome in China for publicity, but not to "create news". He could also come to help make a film, but not to "make a film."

    [Liu Weimin, Foreign Ministry spokesman]:
    "China did not invite him to some village in Shandong to create news or make a film. If he went there to create news, I don't think that would be welcomed by China."

    Bale and a camera crew from CNN were accosted by plainclothes security officers in Dongshigu village, in China's eastern Shandong province, where activist Chen Guangcheng has been under house arrest for 15 months.

    Chen angered Chinese officials in 2005 when he exposed a program of forced abortions as part of China's one-child policy. After revealing the forced abortions, Chen, who is blind, was jailed for four years on a charge of "blocking traffic". He was formally released in September 2010, but has been in house arrest ever since, and has reportedly been beaten and tortured, as has his wife.