Robot Biomimetic

Jean-Rémi Deléage
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David Hanson is a doctoral student working in the Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas His area of research investigates facial expression in robots using recent breakthroughs in elastomer material sciences to enact a sizable range of natural humanlike facial expressions. This branch of robotics will rise in relevance as humans and robots begin to have more face-to-face encounters in the coming years.
His site :

5 commentaires

Eva ressemble à une p*te à crack...
Par Arnaud Pottier il y a 3 ans
omg terrifying.
Par Satanier il y a 7 ans
very scary you mean
Par amandine il y a 8 ans
yes indeed, you can see also what is done in Japan in this field at Osaka University, with "Repliee Q2" :

From Cité des Sciences in Paris :
Par Jean-Rémi Deléage il y a 8 ans
A little scary
Par Nadir Kadem il y a 8 ans