Un-Go - Episode 11 - I'm Just Searching


by Crunchyroll

A mysterious invitation has been delivered to Shinjurou and several other people who have a connection to Chairman Kaishou. It contains the message, "An invitation to a party, in which the real person behind the bombing will be discovered" and seemingly bears the personal seal of Kaishou himself. And so, the people concerned gather together in the TV studio that had recently been bombed. A furious Izumi suspects Shinjurou of setting up the "farce", to which he responds, "I was called here, too. In other words, a crime is going to occur. And a major crime at that..." Was Kaishou behind the bombing? Shinjurou's final deductions begin and along the way, Inga and Bettenou's true identities are revealed. It culminates in a showdown between the two entities, but once everything is laid bare, what will be the relationship between Shinjurou, Inga and Rie?