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"I am MagiCJacK" HD Official

il y a 6 ans868 views

Written and directed: Maxime Ginolin
assistant Director : Lucas Vaco and hugo grenier
Make-up Artist: Julien Barnier and jeremy Guerdat
Costume Designer : Brigitte Aubrun and Camille Rousseau
Production Manager: Lucas Vaco and Hugo Grenier
FX Supervisor and color grading : Basile Maffone
Editing : Maxime Ginolin
Hairdresser: Amanda Mellerin
Lighting team : Sylvain Vandernoot, Julien Barnier and Jérome Salomon
Director of photography : Lucas Vaco and Hugo Grenier
Logo VFX: Romain Brillat
Set Designer/Props Girl : Brigitte Aubrun
Producer: Maeva Peutot
Lyrics : Ahmed Karimine
Music Composer : Maxime Ginolin

Big Boy: Sylvain Vandernoot
Chinese boy : Natsuki Gambini
Opera Clowns: Julien Barnier and Catherine
Cosmetic surgery patient: Sophie Omeyer
Corpses butcher scene: Pierre Beltran and Julien Barnier
Environmentalist and pro nuclear: Jérome Salomon and Jean-claude Borg
extra Mc Donald scene: Jérémy Guerdat, Pierre Beltran and Julien Barnier
the Rapper: Catherine Inacio
the child (anti-pedophile scene): Baptiste Chevassu
The pedophile: Hugo Grenier
Tigers and trumpeter: Jérémy Guerdat, Julien Barnier and Catherine Inacio
Sad clowns and widows : Inès perrot, , Amanda Mellerin, Pierre Beltran and Julien Barnier
1 taurus: Julien Barnier

Special Thanks to Manuel Liminiana, Centre Factory, Franck Gambini, Sirma Yossifova, Jean Matthieu, pizzéria guillaume, le local, Guy sex, Siane InkcorectMind, Maxwell, Théatre Bonneterre, Florence Grenier, Dominique Legrand and stéphane clavel

All MagiCJacK products used in this video are animal Friendly

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"I am MagiCJacK" HD Official
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