Mastectomy Bra Style Choices

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Mastectomy Bra Style Choices - as part of the women's style series on clothing and fashion by GeoBeats. We are going to talk a little bit about mastectomy bras and prosthesis. The difference between a mastectomy bra and a regular bra is there is a pocket inside. And the reason why there is a pocket in there is to hold your prosthesis in place. Prosthesis is a breast shaped form which fits into your bra and gives you an even shape. So, if you have had a mastectomy it evens you out and makes both sides look identical. These come in different sizes from one to size seventeen. This is a size one and that is an A and of course seventeen goes up to a much larger size. It has a flap right here which a lot of times women have a massive mastectomy and everything is removed all in here and this feels it out like that and gives you a really nice natural shape. That is one type. There are many, many types of prosthesis. The second type of prosthesis is a partial. That means if you have had a lumpectomy or you are just uneven this will fit over your natural breast and give you a more even shape so you will match the other side. Very comfortable, there all silicon and they are very light. And this is a swim prosthesis. What this does is goes in your swimsuit. The way that it is ridged in the back is what makes it for a swimsuit so the water flows in here that way the prosthesis would not float up to the top which other prosthesis will do. This will give you a much natural look.