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    Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

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    by Geo Beats

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    Unique Wedding Cake Ideas - as part of the cakes & dessert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Stephanie Franz, Executive Pastry Chef of Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach and we are a full on bakery that makes custom cakes and cupcakes. I am going to show you some unique ideas for a wedding cake. As you can see here, we have this ruffle square three tier cake. It is almost a little bit traditional with a little bit of edge. Ruffles are all the rage nowadays. I am seeing a lot more ruffles, a nice open flower and then some little pearls, so this is a little traditional meets modern. This cake is a little bit more Victorian style meets traditional and it wears a black, white, gold and red theme as you can see, so we hand painted on all these stripes and then you have the pearls and then a bright red rose as your focal point. Always keep in mind when you are choosing colors for your cake to make sure the cake speaks for itself but it also is cohesive with the rest of the wedding, like the flowers or hints of your wedding dress on the cake. We can do some sort of, if your belt is sequined and beaded, we can do beaded border. So always do little touches to kind of add in your special custom personality to the cake. This wedding cake was pretty extravagant. It was a five tier square cake with a lace piping design and some fresh gum paste roses. It is a little bit more traditional but then the square kind of gives it a modern twist. When shopping around for wedding cakes, you may find that they are pretty pricey; the reason being is all the detailed work involved. It is not only baking the cake; it is frosting the cake, and depending on how much detail you want on it, the more detailed, the more expensive it is going to be. This is a pretty non-traditional wedding cake. We started out by taking three tiers, coving them in white fondant and then the bride wanted to do a little mod theme, art deco with kind of some simple graphics, so we took her invitation, the pinwheel, and I made it into a mold and added some poured sugar and fondant. So you have the different textures, the clear sugar and then also the solidness, solid look of the fondant so it gives a nice textured look and a great overall simple, clean modern feel. So remember, when choosing a wedding cake, make it as unique as your own personal individual style. Have fun and get creative.