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    Home Décor: Choosing Pillows for Living Room

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Home Décor: Choosing Cushions for Living Room - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Here are my tips for picking pillows for your living room. You need to address the issues of fabric, pattern, style, formality. If it is a formal living room, you are going to want to have a fabric that lends itself to being more formal. Silks, linens, all lend themselves to a more formal look. You also want to coordinate your furniture with your pillows. You might be using your pillows to tie together different patterns that are on your furniture. You can use one fabric that is used on a chair to coordinate with the pillow on the couch. So, for example, this pillow here, it has a blue in it and even though the couch does not have a blue, this chair has blue. So, the blue in the pillow ties together the blue in the chair. The pattern in the pillow ties together another chair in the living room that may have a similar patter or a common theme. So, this pillow has birds in it and the chair might have birds in it. The smaller pillow is a perfect accent pillow for the living room. You can choose different sizes and put one in front of the other. For example, here you have a bigger pillow. You could put this pillow slightly in front of it and then you could have another smaller pillow that would also come together or put it over here. And this is a room that may not be used as often as a family room, so it is OK to have an excessive amount of pillows and know that they are not going to be moved around because of the comfort reason that you have in a family room. If your living room and other rooms in the house, perhaps a dining room or a kitchen, are adjacent, it is good to bring them together with an accent pillow. This accent pillow not only brings together the colors with this chair and these other pillows here, but it also can coordinate with a cushion on a bar stool in the counter area of a kitchen or the counter area of a bar. Pillows are fun. Have fun with choosing them. Change them, move them and just have a good time picking pillows for your living room.