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    Gerard Butler - Top 10 Fun Facts

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Gerard Butler - Top 10 Fun Facts - as part of the celebrities series by GeoBeats. 10 – Gerard developed hypothermia after running naked into cold water for his role in “Mrs. Brown”. 9 – He was once the lead singer in the Scottish rock band Speed. 8 – He was a long time smoker, taking him over 40 tries to finally break the habit. 7 – He prefers to be called Gerry because he doesn’t like American pronunciation of Gerard. 6 – Gerard originally aspired to be a lawyer and went to Glasgow University to study law. 5 – Charges were brought against Gerry for assault on a persistent photographer but were later dropped. 4 – He has a pampered pug named Lolita. 3 - Born in Scotland, he then moved with his parents to Montréal as a toddler. 2 – Taking time away from the law field, he became a traveling carnie. 1 - Gerry’s mom still makes him wash dishes when he’s visiting in Scotland.