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    Home Décor: Using Flowers

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Home Décor: Using Flowers - as part of the home design series by GeoBeats. Here are several examples of what you can do with those fresh flowers that you bring home from the farmer's market. This first one here is the largest, and because of its height and its fullness it creates a lot of drama. This type of arrangement would be great in a large dining room, a foyer, or anywhere where you want to bring in a lot of natural life and vibrancy. If you only have shorter flowers to work with what you can do is use several smaller vases, or any containers that you have around the house and use a unifying theme. So for example, all of these flowers, even though they are all different, are all in a white container and on a white tray. That unifies the collection, and this would be great for a coffee table or a dining room or your kitchen. These are two great examples of how flowers can really easily brighten up a space. I basically just took these and put them right into the vase, and the natural beauty of the flowers really show through. You can put these anywhere, a bathroom, a foyer, a coffee table, a dining room, anywhere you put fresh flowers, it just brings in a natural vibrancy and a natural beauty to the space. Fresh and potted plants are also a nice way to bring in some nature into your home. This little tray here is filled with varying glass receptacles, mason jars and simply plants in their original planter, but arranged together in this nice collection, it appears as though it is an arrangement. Now those are very some simple tips on how you can maximize the beauty of natural flowers using very minimal effort.