10 Things Astronauts Experience During Spacewalk

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by Geo Beats

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10 Things Astronauts Experience During Spacewalk - as part of the astronomy series by GeoBeats.

10 - Temperature in space can vary from -250 F to 250 F based on position.

9 - Astronauts move at 15,000 miles per hour attached to a shuttle.

8 - Due to speed, astronauts experience day and night within several hours.

7 - Astronauts have an adult diaper if they need to "go".

6 - They use a joystick enabled backpack to re-attach if they get untethered.

5 - Their visor contains gold material to protect from bright sun rays.

4 - Unlike on earth where we breathe 21% oxygen, astronauts breathe 100% oxygen.

3 – On ground a space suit weighs over 200 lbs. However, in space, it feels weightless.

2 - Astronauts bite into a valve in their space suit to drink water.

1 - Astronauts describe spacewalk as like floating in water without water.