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    A fight day after day


    by Dionis

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    i know what movie this song is on XD
    By bluefire30009 years ago
    your video please
    By kaleykisaraki10 years ago
    The Choëxlande
    This film is splendid. Your AMV has well done...
    By The Choëxlande10 years ago
    Joshua Deaderick
    itami here, hey dont forget to submit your videos to the group so we can get more members and videos
    By Joshua Deaderick10 years ago
    The marriage of music and anime is excellent. Ive never enjoyed so much as viewing your work. Ive viewed some of the animation(cartoon) based stuff, but this ,I guess, is morphed by animation software. Im really amazed at the emotion the characters are able to express. I can see that quite soon this technology could replace actors all together, and that will begin to happen soon after the characters are able to express pure emotion, for lengthy periods of time, in order to create drama. Your choice of music is good.
    By joechee10 years ago