Dixie Chicks - Not ready to make nice


par Brunehault

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This is nigga shit. You Know Rap. A lot of rappers had shit to say about George "Wubya" Bush, but the Chicks stood up, and said what they were about. I Concur, so Tell Toby Keith, don't say her, come see her, by he I mean Me. Yall some cowards, you know sucker ass punks. If 50 cent said the same thing, would he talk shit about him. Yall treat women so bad, yall worse than Al-Qaeda. How can you beef at a woman, who is saying what she thinks. Yall white boys deep in this game, but yall dont follow the rules. Now if a woman know you and get out of line, curse at her, but dont spit at her, Apologies to does who know my heart aches, matter of fact, it ached so much, I took it out and Gave it to Lady Ga Ga, Yall are idiots and your sons will be DiM, just keep anticipating, I ve been waiting for a real war on terror, and no man is safe, so keep ya beers, I got my own, and Fuck ESPN, I get down with ESP, I LOVE MY SISTERS!

Par Rich Mundo Il y a 6 ans
j'adore c'est juste... j'en perds mes mots
Par yuki8891 Il y a 7 ans
we need artists like dixie chicks who stands up for what they believe in and not afraid to tell the world about it!
Par langel829 Il y a 7 ans
Exact Gallounette. Pour qui ne le saurait pas elles sont controversées même encore maintenant car N. Maines avait déclaré lors d'un concert à Londres avoir honte d'être texane (comme G.W. Bush...) ce qui a généré un gros buzz outre-atlantique, ces propos ayant été considérés comme anti-patriotiques en ces temps de guerre contre l'Iraq...
Par Brunehault Il y a 7 ans
Tout à fait d'accord, ce live est impec ! ;-)
Par Brunehault Il y a 7 ans
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