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    Strumming Patterns and Strumming Basics For Guitar With ...

    Rex Pearson

    by Rex Pearson

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    Guitar Lesson Description: Strumming patterns for guitar basics

    Beginner Guitar Course Level 4 Lesson 1

    How to play strumming patterns for guitar? Most people when they first start learning how to play guitar can strum it pretty efficiently to start with. However as you get better you will come across chords progressions and strumming patterns that start to feel a little odd, or maybe you find it difficult to know when you need to strum down strokes and up strokes. Well I have devised the most detailed strumming pattern course you can find and it’s all here. I will show you some of the rules involved in learning how to strum the guitar properly. Never again will you need to question whether to play this part with an up or a down stroke. Strumming will come naturally if you follow my advice and apply it to your guitar playing.
    We start simply by making sure you have the right hand operating correctly so we will do a simple exercise that develops this side of your playing.
    One of the best ways of making sure we play the correct up or down strokes is to know how to count rhythms. If you have never been in a music class before

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