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    Bits of My Life 4th anniversary happy birthday

    avi rosen

    by avi rosen

    Bits of My Life 4th anniversary happy birthday ‏ ‏ Documentary Video Blog‏ "‏BITS OF MY LIFE‏" ‏is now online‏ ‏at‏: ‏‏ ‏ Vast‏ ‏‏ ‏footage, consisting of approximately 48,000 video clips ‎of the past 4‎‏ ‏years, varying from few seconds to 15 ‎minutes, is currently uploaded at a rate‏ ‏of a month video ‎Stock per day. The Channel is time-space compression of‏ ‏personal and environmental occurrences‏. ‏ The‏ ‏ongoing sequence documents ‎the amazing technological development of‏ ‏‏ ‏video mobile phones, from a resolution ‎of 320X240, at 15 frames per second, up‏ ‏to ‎full HD video of current Smartphone‏.‏ ‏ ‏ Shakespeare's phrase: " All the world's a stage, and all ‎the men and women merely players " becomes a ‎reality. Each one of us is an auto-‎manufacturer of personal\public on-line data, competing ‎with the traditional commercial manufacturers.‎