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    Chinese Officials Forbidden to Believe in Religion


    by NTDTelevision

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    The Chinese Communist Party has forbidden belief in religion among its officials since the Party was founded. But after the policy reform in the 1980's, more officials have started to believe in religions. A senior Communist official recently published an article reiterating the CCP's stance. The article has attracted wide spread criticism from China and overseas.

    Content: A senior Chinese Communist Party official has re-affirmed the CCP's position that its Party members cannot believe in religion. Executive Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department or the CCP's Central Committee, Zhu Weiqun, had his comments published in the journal of the Central Committee, called "Seeking Truth."

    Zhu points out that increasingly more party members are joining religious activities, with some of them even becoming religious believers.

    Zhu complains of calls from within the Party to lift the ban on religion, stating, "Party members being forbidden to believe in religion has been a continuous rule in the Communist Party." He calls for a strengthening of Marxist and atheistic education in the Party.

    Yet many commentators believe that it's the Communist Party's policy of atheism that has led officials to search for a religious belief.

    [Jing Chu, Writer Based in Guangxi]:
    "The belief system of communism is already bankrupt, they just believe in power and personal benefits. Under this situation many party officials have lost hope, they have nothing for the soul, so they naturally want to find a belief system."

    Zhu states that religion would create divides within the Party and can give rise to separatist movements.