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    Unboxing & Review USB 3.0 PCIe Card : Renesas Electronics. Two USB3 Ports.


    by Films4You

    Renesas Electronics.USB 3.0 PCIe Card with two USB3 Ports.

    This failed to improve speed for me but I believe this is ether due to bottleneck I have e.g. slower harddrive, PCIe x 1 card, too many Anti-Virus software running scanning files during transfer of those files.

    Unboxing and a basic review using USB 2 port on an Juucee USB 3 External Enclosure

    Anti-Drop Screws Fix. Stop losing screws in difficult to reach places.

    Boost your Antivirus Tool for Free.

    Personal Backup Time Out Fix

    I personally have used this free backup software for some time with the only issue being a Time Out message when backing files up to BluRay Disks, probably because of the extra time it takes to burn to BluRay

    This may help, tip not tried at time of posting this video:-
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