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Robert Schumann, Fantasie in C op.17 (complete). Mehmet Okonsar, piano



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Happy to get you here!

In this channel, as an independent musician, I present all my recordings, the videos are actual recordings from the CD-recording sessions. I hope that you enjoy these.

Please write remarks when you. Also I'd be happy you share them.

I present all my work under the Creative Commons CC_BY license. That suggests you may share, duplicate, propagate all of them unreservedly and also create other works based upon on all of them as long as you credit me.

I would certainly be delighted to hook up with you on either:

My CD's are out there at amazon.com and cdaby.com and additionally you may listen to all of the tracks at http://www.okonsar.com/Recordings.html. If you like the music please consider buying them.

See you on my up coming publication, before long...
Mehmet Okonsar

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