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    Genome Sequencing Done on Gengis Khan Descendent


    by NTDTelevision

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    Could Genghis Khan have tens of millions of descendents? That's what researchers in China believe, with the Mongolian leader having as many as 3,000 wives at one point. They recently finished mapping the genome of one of Khan's descendents, and say there is more work to be done.

    Scientists say that they have finished sequencing the genome of a direct descendant of Genghis Khan.

    Researchers say this is the first individual genome sequencing of a Mongolian.

    The blood donor was a male identified as one of Genghis Khan's 34th-generation offspring.

    Genghis Khan reigned the Kingdom of Mongolia for 21 years in the 11th century. Under his leadership, the Mongolian army conquered large portions of Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. He may have had as many as 3000 wives at one point... and up to half a percent of the world population may be part of the Khan lineage.

    The research team will continue to sequence the genomes of another 199 ethnic Mongolians and build a database consisting of Mongolian genetic code.