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    R. Schumann:Etudes Symphoniques, Op. 13 (part 1of 2) by M. Okonsar,piano



    161 izlenme
    (part 1 of 2) .. Happy to get you here!

    In this channel, as an independent musician, I present all my recordings, the videos are actual recordings from the CD-recording sessions. I hope that you enjoy these.

    Please write remarks when you. Also I'd be happy you share them.

    I present all my work under the Creative Commons CC_BY license. That suggests you may share, duplicate, propagate all of them unreservedly and also create other works based upon on all of them as long as you credit me.

    I would certainly be delighted to hook up with you on either:

    My CD's are out there at and and additionally you may listen to all of the tracks at If you like the music please consider buying them.

    See you on my up coming publication, before long...
    Mehmet Okonsar