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    Décor Ideas for Master Bedroom

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Décor Ideas for Master Bedroom - as part of the home design series by GeoBeats. When thinking about your bedroom consider the type of furniture you want to use. Is it going to be transitional, is it going to be transitional, is it going to be contemporary? The next thing to consider is what not just what the style is going to be, but what kind of headboard do you want to do? Do you want to only do a headboard, upholstered, complete wood, or do you want to do what is called a complete bed? That means the side rails as well as a foot board and a head board. All of those things really help to finish a bed off. I prefer a complete bed when I choose beds for my clients as opposed to just a head board. It always looks like you did not quite finish it when you do just a head board. This is a pretty awful "before" picture. Everything that you could do wrong in a room was done here, including doing built-ins in an area that was fairly large, and you did not need to do built-ins. Why do a built-in when you could do a free-standing piece of furniture that you can take with you. And here is the "after". Quite a transformation, would not you say? We removed those built-ins that were so unattractive and not very accessible to the bed, and put in a new bed, and new night stands, and beautiful lamps that really work well with the entire space. And notice the we picked a wall to do an accent wall covering on. And that is usually the bed wall, and in this case it is the bed wall. And we did wallpaper that is actually put together like a mosaic: three different colors of wallpaper in three different shades of green, put together exactly the way you put a puzzle together. And the result was absolutely stunning.