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It is the turning point of the western. UP did the opening because there was no preview.
I was surprised to see this work in the junior high school age. When it is Japan, the theme made the story of a serious whole volume is made an entertainment. It is a wonderful movie that combines the boast story of the United States style with comedy.
Word "Good day to dai" was remembered in this movie.
I knew Amelia had the person who had the same sense reading "Hagakure" in the school days.
It is inadvertently recent that I noticed the movie production that John Ford considered Native American with his work done.
Directed by Arthur Penn
Produced by Stuart Millar
Original by Thomas Berger
Written by Calder Willingham
Dustin Hoffman
Faye Dunaway
Chief Dan George
Martin Balsam
Richard Mulligan
Cal Bellini
Music by John Hammond
Cinematography Harry Stradling Jr.
Editing by Dede Allen

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