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    Former Uighur Surgeon Discloses Live Organ Harvesting in China


    by NTDTelevision

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    A former Uighur surgeon from China's northwest Xinjiang region has given accounts of live organ harvesting from prisoners. China expert, Ethan Gutmann featured the surgeon and other Uighurs earlier this month. Gutmann has been investigating organ harvesting—a practice that is allegedly still happening in China today.

    A Uighur refugee and former surgeon, Enver Tohti, spoke with NTD about how he harvested organs from Uighur prisoners who were still alive. Tohti is the first surgeon to admit to personally performing live organ harvesting—a practice that is believed to be used on prisoners of conscience in China.

    At a recent rally in England, Tohti recounted what took place 16 years ago when he was asked to remove organs from an executed prisoner.


    Author and rights advocate Ethan Gutmann featured Enver Tohti and several other Uighurs in a report titled "The Xinjiang Procedure," published in The Weekly Standard earlier this month. It's the latest report on the systematic live harvesting of organs by the Chinese regime, which Gutmann says began as early as 1991.



    [Enver Tohti, Former Uighur Surgeon]:
    "After learning about the Communist Party's live organ harvesting, I realized that's exactly what I had taken part in, and I feel extremely guilty. I personally performed these surgeries to remove livers and kidneys... I hope to forget this ever happened, and I often pray that I would be forgiven. I knew nothing at the time when I carried out these foolish acts. I seek forgiveness, there's nothing else I can say."

    China's organ transplant industry has expanded rapidly since around 2001. The regime openly admits to using organs from executed prisoners, but does not disclose the number of executions it carries out each year.