How To Make Your Buttocks Bigger Fast and Naturally

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M Toha Syaifudin
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how to make your buttocks bigger

Are you ready to have the kind of butt that was meant for sexy men's magazines?
Here are the steps to REALLY enlarge your butt:

1. Reset your body to store fat in your booty (yes, it probably got set wrong during puberty or pregnancy

2. Use exercises that actually GROW the gluteus maximum, which is the largest and most expandable of the butt muscles, and drop the exercises that discourage the butt muscles from getting larger (yes, many exercises will stop your butt from actually getting bigger, even though you're working them out)

This may sound simple because I've broken it down into two steps, but it gets really hard when just about all the advice about growing a bigger butt DOES NOT WORK on people who's bodies are slow to respond or don't respond at all.

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