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    Unique Cupcake Tower Ideas

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Unique Cupcake Tower Ideas - as part of the cakes & dessert series by GeoBeats. I am going to show you some unique ideas for cupcakes towers. Depending on what kind of style or theme you are going for, a cupcake tower is traditionally made up of cardboard or wooden tiers going from largest to smallest. It is usually build your own, and you lay all the cupcakes on top of it and for most weddings we do a small cake on the top for cutting and freezing purposes. So here I have a cake. It was from a wedding and it was kind of a traditional feel black white but she wanted each cupcake to be unique with each flavor. So we started on the bottom and we worked our way up and each one has the same color scheme but they are all different flavors on each tier gradually going up. This cupcake tower was for a bridal shower. The theme was gold and white and so we used a lot of our white chocolate garnishes. As you can see we used gold liners to act for the color accent. And then we had the topper, the little cake on top with some fresh gum paste flowers. This cupcake tower is one of my personal favorites. It was very modern, simplistic cupcake tower. The theme was black, white, and green. So we used green accent of the ribbon which can also add another color flare to your tower. We used black cupcake liners and wrappers that you can put around, they are very decorative with a scalloped edge. And this one was a square tower which I love and then each cupcake on each tier has a different look but they all are cohesive as well. So, she choose to get fresh flowers on the top. We also added an extra element and added flowers on the bottom of the tower. Cupcake towers have become a lot more popular these days. They are great because you do not have to cut a cake. Every single person can have their own individual little piece, it is almost like a miniature cake on it is own. They are very fun and it is kind of off the beaten path. It is very different from your traditional wedding cake. So if you want something different choose a cupcake tower.