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Unique Celebration Cake Ideas - as part of the cakes & dessert series by GeoBeats. Here are some ideas for celebration cakes. Here we did a sushi themed cake for a sushi chef. She is a loyal customer at a sushi bar so she wanted to show her gratitude for this sushi chef by buying him a birthday cake. She wanted sashimi, California rolls, and as you can see we did the little eggs with some blood orange caviar. We did the cake a square, we marbled some brown fondant so it looked like wood. We have chopsticks, a little bowl of soy sauce which is actually chocolate sauce, and the wasabi is just some fondant. This is one of my favorite cakes because it looks very real and everyone loves sushi. This a cigar box cake that a lady made for her husband who loves cigars. I used it by marbling the fondant and the browns to make it look like wood, and I actually looked up online how to traditionally roll a Cuban cigar. I used modeling chocolate, fondant, and chocolate shavings to roll the cigars. Then I used an edible image to get the Cohiba, the traditional Cuban cigar logo, on there and some bold typing. A very fun cake, she loved it. This is also one of my favorites, it took a lot of time to do, it is a DJ turntable cake. It is, you can actually turn the wheel on it when you spin it. It is a tech-nix spinning table with "Happy Birthday Romel" on it and he loved it. Here is another great idea for a celebration cake. This is if you want to go over the top. It is very whimsical with the topsy-turvy and in between each tier you have your sugar gum paste flowers. You can also have your message on there as well and a great color scheme. So if you are thinking about making a celebration cake for one of your family or friends always consider their hobbies, what they love to eat, what they do in their spare time and work that into a cake. You can try to attempt to do these cakes on your own but sometimes it is always best to go to your local bakery, they usually have a lot of great ideas and they can help you out.

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