Experts Say China's Economy Looks Grim for 2012

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Experts for the Chinese regime predict a slowdown for the country's economic growth next year, dropping to the lowest levels since 2001. As economic concerns grow, so too does social unrest.

The global economic recession is taking its toll on China's economy.

New research released on Thursday by senior researchers for the Chinese regime shows a slowdown in its exports, although it could still achieve seven to eight percent of economic growth in 2012.

[Yu Bin, Development Research Center of the State Council]:
"Unless the global economy doesn't see a deep recession, we predict next year China's exports will grow around 10 percent. I don't think there is much chance of a reduction in exports next year overall, but it is possible that over a particular month, or several months, there may be negative growth."

Experts say China's economic growth will drop in 2012.

[Yu Bin, Development Research Center of the State Council]:
"We think there is a high possibility that China's potential growth could drop by 20 or 30 percent next year."

Growth in Chinese exports and imports slowed in November.

Strikes and protests have rocked the nation in recent months as factories close down or relocate.

China's economic growth has slowed for three straight quarters and many forecasts see it dipping in 2012 to below 9 percent for the first time since 2001.

The Chinese regime has instituted several policies in recent weeks aimed at boosting growth.

But the biggest question the Chinese regime faces is how the Chinese people will react, and whether strikes and protests will increase.